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Properties and USES of sodium percarbonate


Percarbonate sodium non-toxic, odorless, has a strong corrosion, heat decomposition to produce oxygen, aggravating the combustion of inflammables, dissolved in water after the release of hydrogen peroxide and soda ash.

Application field

1, sodium percarbonate has been widely used in household and industrial washing, bleaching, fungicide, used in synthetic fiber, animal fiber, synthetic resin fiber, pulp and other production fields, bleaching effect is good, do not damage the fabric, do not yellow.

2. It can also be used in other sectors such as chemical industry and metallurgy. The use of heavy soda ash can reduce the flying of alkali dust, reduce the consumption of raw materials, improve working conditions, and improve product quality.

3, used in the food industry, as a neutralizing agent, leavening agent, but also can be mixed into alkaline water into pasta, increase the elasticity and ductility.

4. Sodium percarbonate can replace calcium peroxide as an oxygen producing agent in aquaculture, and the oxygen releasing rate is obviously higher than that of calcium peroxide, and it can provide oxygen and keep fresh for fish, shrimp, crabs and other organisms in the storage and transportation process.